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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is very effective, fast and the most comfortable way to remove unwanted hair from large areas. It works by destroying hair follicles with targeted heat and is very effective for the permanent removal of facial hair as well as unwanted hair from the neck, back, under arms, arms, bikini area, fingers and toes.  

Here is How Laser Hair Removal Works

The light from the laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle heating it up and stopping the hair follicle from growing. The treatment can be used on a wide variety of skin and hair types but not all. The number of treatments required is dependent on your complexion and type of hair.   We offer a complimentary consultation to anyone interested in laser hair removal. During that consultation we will explain the process, discuss the number of treatments you will most likely need and establish a treatment schedule with you.   

We’re skilled practitioners in laser hair removal and have been safely and effectively performing hair removal procedures on clients for over 25 years. 

Contact us today for your complimentary laser hair removal consultation and say goodbye to shaving, waxing and


 Laser Hair Removal is perfect for permanent hair removal in these areas:       
Full Face   Upper Lip    Hairline
Chin   Sides of Face   Neck
Back of Neck   Arms   Underarms
Abdomen   Bikini   Back
Lower Back   Legs (Hip to Ankle)   Lower Leg (Knee Down)
Fingers & Toes        


Winter Special:  Bikini and underarm laser hair removal only $75.00.
Our pricing is based on any combination of treatment areas.
  Small Area $150.00
  Medium Area $225.00
  Large Area $300.00
The following areas are typically considered small areas: 
Full Face
Upper Lip & Underarms
Underarms & Bikini
Lower Leg
Brazilian Bikini
Neck & Beard Cut-in for Men 
The following areas are typically considered medium areas::
Full Leg ( Hip to Ankle)
Underarm & Full Arm
Man's Back ( some men may require additional time)
Man's Abdomen, Neck & Shoulder
Any 2 15 minute areas noted above
Custom laser hair removal sessions can be designed based on the clients needs.
Multiple Area Discounts Available