Brown Spot, Freckle and Scar Removal

We all have imperfections in our skin but some are more troublesome than others. Brown spots, excessive freckles or prominent scars can really impact a person making them self-conscious and even hold them back from enjoying their life the way they want.

Have you been searching for ways to make your brown spots, freckles and scars permanently disappear? Not interested in cosmetic surgery? Have fading creams not worked for you? Laser technology has introduced a painless and effective method of removal of these types of imperfections. Here is how it works.

For brown spots and freckles the lasers focus heat on the pigments in the skin that cause these discolorations. Over the course treatment, the laser pinpoints heat on these problem areas. The heat breaks down the pigment eliminating the cause of the spotting.

For scars the heat from the laser works by removing the top layers of damaged skin and stimulates the collagen production in the lower layers. The laser stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin. The visibility of the scar is greatly reduced, often making it difficult to see, and in some cases completely eliminating it.

Why choose us for this service? With our years of experience in utilizing lasers for cosmetic processes we have the skills and knowledge to safely assist you. Before we perform any spot removal treatments on a client we require they see a dermatologist to insure that the blemish is safe for removal. What we see as a brown spot can be so much more to a trained physician and the health and safety of our clients is our primary concern. Once you are cleared by your dermatologist we will work with you to establish a realistic and safe treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Contact us today for your complimentary consolation for removal of your brown spot, freckles or scars that have been holding you back.